Soybean/Sunflower Acid Oil

Soybean/Sunflower Acid Oil :

Along neutralization of soybean oil/sun flower oil, the soap stock which has been obtained be collected in an acid vessel for sulfuric treatment then it be acidified at high temperature. This acidification process causes to separation of fatty matter from the soap-water-oil mixture. After this stage, the fatty matter is collected that is called as Acid Oil and could be stored in the storage tanks.
This commodity is a byproduct of Soya Oil/Sunflower Oil. Soybean/Sunflower Acid Oil could be used in producing of soaps and detergents. Furthermore, it could be applied in making margarine and shortening. About its specific applications we could refer to feedstock for soaps preparation, distillation and purification and other industrial applications including mining and oil-field related industries, producing of Oil Based Toilet Soaps, manufacturing in Alkyd Resin, Epoxy Resin, Poly Amide and Metal Coating.

Soybean/Sunflower Acid Oil :

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