SunFlower Fatty Acid

Sunflower Fatty Acid:

Sunflower Fatty Acid is obtained by splitting, refining and subsequent vacuum distillation of Sunflower Oil. For physical specifications it is yellow or clear fluid at room temperature. This substance is rich in linoleic acid and less in oleic acid. But it has less linoleic acid in comparison with Soya Fatty Acid. Therefore, it is less in yellowing than soya one. It can be used in many applications as industrial ones. For example, it could be used for obtaining of alkyd resins. It is used through condensation with glycerin and phthalic acid to formulation of varnishes and paints.

Sunflower Fatty Acid :

TitreACID ValueSAP. ValueIodine ValueColor
20 - 16202-200203-200135-1300.7-0.5

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